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EastLink Magazine story

EastLink Magazine Story about my canoeing journey year round and across Shelburne County, NS Canada 4 min

favorite launch

A short video about my favorite canoe launch ever  30 sec

My Story

A short video about who I am and what I believe


Big Questions

I video I call Big Questions. A continuation of the previous video  2 min 38 sec

Faith is Action

Faith is Action. I believe that as Christians we are called to put out Faith in Action

Winter Paddle

Out for a paddle Jan 11, 2013 on the Roseway River, Shelburne County, NS

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Just as I am

Just as I am. My Testimony

Happiness is...

Happiness is… video

Why do I believe in God

Big Question #1 Why do I believe in God?

What does being a Christian mean to me??

Big Question #2 What does being a Christian                          mean to me?


Big Question #3 Ministry

What does God want from me?

Big Question #4 What does God want from me?