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14’ Solo Canoe
Built summer 2010
Designed by Dan Fry
Built by Dan Peacock
16’ Tandem Canoe
Built summer 2004
Designed by Dan Fry
Built by Dan Peacock
14’ Tandem Canoe
Built Winter 2008
Designed by Dan Fry
Built by Dan Peacock
My Collection of Canoes
16' cedar strip 14' tandem cedar strip 14' solo cedar strip 14' fiberglass

14’ Fiberglass

Built Summer 2011

Designed by?

Built by Dan Peacock

Canoeing is something that has consumed me. It is more then just spending time on the water. It is also the canoes themselves. I enjoy building them, repairing them and collecting them. The first 4 are ones that I built myself. Most of the time I solo paddle and the 14’ tandem is my favorite. It moves really well in both flat and running water and it is easy to carry during trips.

Cedar canvas canoes have a long history in Canada and having the opportunity to bring new life to them is a honor. Owning them is owning a piece of history.

As much as I love my canoe I would love to hear about yours. Sharing stories is part of why I go out. If yours is in need of repair send me some pictures and a brief description and I will send you a quote.

Canoe Shelburne - Repair & Restoration Service

Serving NS, NB, PEI & NFLD

16’ Chestnut Canoe

14’ Harold Gates Canoe

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